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“Optimizing Institutional Resources” is aimed at increasing the resources available to support institutional goals. Through a multi-part approach, a variety of strategies are employed to identify revenue enhancement opportunities and expenditure savings. Combined, those additional resources can be employed to support institutional goals. But to “optimize” it is imperative that other steps are taken to ensure that resources are focused on institutional goals. Snowdon & Associates has the expertise and experience to implement all or parts of a program that will deliver increased resources and an improvement in the effective use of those resources to further institutional goals.

Facilitating Strategic Planning

Optimizing institutional resources needs to be built on a firm foundation that has as its centerpiece an institutional plan. From environmental scanning to establishing a planning process, and from establishing goals to developing measurement indicators, we can facilitate Strategic Planning efforts in your institution.

Developing effective Enrolment Management

A key to resource optimization is effective enrolment planning and management. Enrolment management becomes strategic when processes and policies related to sometimes apparently disparate functions (recruitment, admission, financial aid, tuition levels, billing and payment processes, orientation, registration, course scheduling, curriculum planning, brand management, and housing, among others) are coordinated and integrated, focused on student success and satisfaction, and conducted with a view to the prevailing environment and market for post-secondary education. Snowdon & Associates brings years of experience in enrolment planning and management – from recruitment through admission and registration, progression and retention, program development and program efficacy, to graduation of engaged alumni willing and able to give back to their alma mater.

Improving Organizational Effectiveness

Organizational effectiveness focuses on organizational structure and processes with the objectives of improved efficiency, service delivery and accountability. Our experience in organizational reviews coupled with working knowledge of best practices and an understanding of the ‘culture’ inside academe provide the necessary background and expertise to improving organizational effectiveness in your institution.

Planning successful Systems Implementation and Change Management

A focus on simplifying operations and harnessing technology to improve access and efficiency is essential to enhancing both service and effectiveness. Students, faculty and staff will benefit from reducing administrative complexity by focusing on outcomes while refining processes to achieve those goals. An emphasis on shared common objectives will help participants and stakeholders manage and embrace change while improving results. Snowdon & Associates has extensive experience in the adoption of advanced technology to improve practices and influence positive change to solve complex challenges.

Strengthening Governance and Accountability

Defining the role of Boards and Senates and addressing the continual pressure for more accountability from all stakeholders provide the focus for measures aimed at strengthening Governance and Accountability. From an ‘audit’ of governance practices to the development of an accountability framework, we can add value to your institution by improving the effectiveness of the governance structure and processes and highlighting accountability issues that really matter.

Establishing sound Government Relations

Developing good working relations with all levels of government is an increasingly important function that bears directly on ‘optimizing resources’. Yet government(s) have many stakeholders to satisfy and many competing priorities. The development of a sound government relations strategy focuses on the alignment of institutional needs with government priorities, an understanding of the decision-making processes in government, and recognition that a good ‘case’ is but one part of a successful government relations strategy.

Developing Funding Opportunities

A tactical part of optimizing institutional resources involves determining whether an institution is taking advantage of all income generation and expenditure saving opportunities. Based on in-depth knowledge of government funding, a wealth of experience with revenue diversification strategies, and access to ‘best practices’ across the country, Snowdon & Associates can deliver a plan for optimizing the resources available to your institution.

Enhancing Resource Allocation

An effective Resource Allocation activity is key to achieving institutional goals and objectives. Enhancing the resource allocation process and outcomes is a key step in optimizing the use of institutional resources. Snowdon & Associates has extensive experience with resource allocation models aimed at translating objectives into reality.

Higher Education Research

Research into issues affecting higher education is an area of expertise that requires a sound understanding of the post-secondary education sector and familiarity with research practices, tools and higher education information. Based on extensive experience in institutional research, a working knowledge of higher education information sources and a full understanding of the complexities associated with higher education issues, Snowdon & Associates is well-positioned to meet the higher education research needs of your organization.