Who We Are

Ken Snowdon, President

Consultant – Higher Education

Since starting Snowdon & Associates in 2003, Ken has worked with a number of institutions, organizations and government agencies exploring ways to increase funding, improve strategic alliances, strengthen accountability and improve organizational effectiveness. At the same time he has pursued his own research interests with a focus on understanding the long-term consequences of changes underway in the higher education sector and the underlying financial impacts. He is the author of a number of research papers on Canadian Higher Education, book chapters, and book reviews.

Ken’s ‘working knowledge’ of the higher education landscape is firmly rooted in his professional career.

Policy Development, Research, Advocacy

Ken served as Vice-President (Policy & Analysis) at the Council of Ontario Universities (COU) where he was intensively engaged in higher education planning with university senior administrators, academics, and government officials from a number of Ontario ministries. Appointed in late 1998, he was directly involved in the joint ‘double cohort’ planning exercise with the provincial government. Ken also led a number of COU initiatives aimed at:

  • Linking advocacy and policy research;
  • Providing a catalyst for increased co-operative efforts among Ontario universities; and
  • Developing strong ties with national organizations and participating in policy research initiatives at the federal level.

Higher Education Expert, Consensus Builder

Prior to joining COU, Ken was Senior University Advisor with the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. The appointment capitalized on his:

  • Extensive working knowledge of university operations;
  • In-depth understanding of Ontario’s higher education system;
  • Familiarity with higher education systems in other jurisdictions;
  • Appreciation for the key factors that are an integral part of academe;
  • Ability to build consensus; and
  • Active interest in public policy and institutional research.

Planning, Resource Allocation and Senior Management

At Queen’s University Ken held progressively responsible positions and, as Associate Vice-Principal (Planning), had responsibility for planning and budgeting, the Office of the University Registrar and Information Technology Services. He was one of the key driving forces behind a series of innovative programs, measures and strategic decisions introduced at Queen’s to:

  • Address faculty recruitment and renewal;
  • Develop new approaches to student assistance;
  • Introduce performance indicators;
  • Develop multi-year planning frameworks.

His support of both the Office of the University Regisrar and Information Technology Services led to a series of innovative program and service developments aimed at improving service provision and service delivery.

Jo-Anne Brady, Senior Associate

Consultant – Higher Education

Since joining Snowdon and Associates in 2014, Jo-Anne has brought ‘hands-on’ working knowledge of the higher education sector and a skill set honed by experience to her role as Senior Associate:

  • Highly collaborative, skilled facilitator and moderator;
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Extensive presentation and report-writing experience to internal and external stakeholders;
  • Strategic planner, analytical, big picture with precise attention to detail;
  • Research skills including data management and forecasting;
  • Financial planning and management;
  • Exceptional relationship development and stewardship;
  • Established track-record of successful project management;
  • Change management leadership.

Planning and Resource Allocation

In her role as Vice-Provost (Planning and Budgeting) at Queen’s University, Jo-Anne successfully:

  • Co-ordinated a fully integrated approach to planning and resource allocation, focused on the alignment of institutional resources with the University’s goals and objectives;
  • Designed, developed and implemented an activity-based resource allocation model through a highly consultative and analytic approach that revolutionized the University’s budget model;
  • Led the planning and design of the Campus Master Plan project, including selection of planning partner, extensive community consultation and communication, and agreement of overall planning principles.

Strategic Enrolment Management, Systems and Operations and Change Management

Among Jo-Anne’s accomplishments as University Registrar at Queen’s University for more than 15 years:

  • Outstanding leadership of a team of more than 100 professional and casual staff and volunteers in a seamless continuum of strategic enrolment services from student recruitment through admission, registration, student record management, financial assistance, and graduation;
  • Consistently admitted an undergraduate class meeting the highest entrance standards and continually recognized for the highest degree completion rates in the country;
    Fostered strong relationships and collaboration with academic faculties and schools. Successful early adoption of advanced technology through the development and launch of fully online registration systems (1998 with continual improvement) and a university-wide timetable (2002 with continual improvement) accommodating academic requirements while optimizing teaching space;
  • Led the design and development of the PeopleSoft student system, from inception through full implementation (2006-2011), using a highly consultative process.
  • Successfully met the project objectives and expectations of a wide variety of constituents – on time and on budget;
  • Recognized as a change agent, developing and implementing significant administrative projects, focusing on continuous service improvement, coaching, leading and mentoring staff, faculty and students to adopt state-of-the-art practices and solutions.


Accomplished associates, who are familiar with higher education issues and have working knowledge in specialized areas, augment Ken and Jo-Anne’s experience and expertise.